Learning to Write


I discovered my new favourite thing yesterday when I decided on a whim to update the header image of this blog (and my website, and Etsy shop, and the logo on the rear of my cards…). I’ve somehow only just discovered writing on my Wacom tablet! I don’t use the tablet much, preferring to use photoshop with my trackpad instead, so it only just occurred to me to write with it (duh) and now I’m going to write on everything, so watch out! Here’s some things I made today (by the way Moon Club is a performance event I organise in my home town):

logo webmc promotitle

New Card Designs Coming Soon!


Between projects I’ve been slowly gathering a little collection of new illustrations to turn into greetings cards. I haven’t produced any new cards since my ‘Dogs in Xmas Jumpers’ and my Etsy shop has been closed for ages as I just haven’t had time to restock it.

But the time has come to dust off the shelves and open the shop doors again! I’m ordering proofs this week, so the new cards will be available shortly within the next few weeks (it sometimes takes a bit of tweaking before I’m happy) ┬áHere’s a peek of one of them, Hedge Hog. I’ll let you know when he’s ready to purchase!

hedhe hog card

Devon Dog Walks


We’re having some lovely weather here in South Devon this week, so yesterday I took myself out of the studio for an hour to get into the countryside. One of the reasons I decided to get a dog was to encourage me to get moving (I find it all too easy to sit on my bum all day drawing!) and I’m so lucky that I don’t have to go far to find somewhere beautiful.

And if I ever start to feel guilty about being away from my desk, I can call it a field trip. The project I’m working on requires me to draw lots of rural scenes and wildflowers, so it’s all in the name of research!


Social Media Makeover

illustration, social media

For years I’ve preferred to use a little painting for my social media profile pictures than a photo. Mostly because I’m not a huge fan of being photographed, but also because it makes sense as you can see my illustration style at a glance. I’d been using my old portrait for a couple of years since I became serious about persuing an illustration career but I’ve been feeling lately that it needed an update. My style has changed lots over that time, and I wanted something that more accurately represents me now. Plus it was a chance to draw Gertie, who’s sitting next to me as I type. She’s such an attention seeker, so she’s very glad to be involved! Here’s the icon that will appear on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as my website.

new portrait