My Favourite Podcasts, Part One

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I mostly listen to words while I work. I love music, but music is for dancing and driving, whilst words are for working and walking. I’ve heard other illustrators say the same – that they especially like to listen to the radio, podcasts or audiobooks in their studio. I think it’s partly to do with working alone, because even though I’m good at it, it can get lonely, and having podcast playing is like having a studio buddy….sort of.

My favourite thing to have playing while I work is a good podcast. I listen to so many, I couldn’t list them all, but I thought I’d mention a few I’ve discovered recently that are specific to creatives, and if you’re a freelancer I hope there’s something helpful for you. And as a bonus, they’re all British and run by women!


Ctrl Alt Delete

This is apparently pretty well known but I only found it this month. Hosted by Emma Gannon, this is a podcast about the internet with guests discussing their relationship with the online world. Various well-known names such as Lauren Laverne, Greta Gerwig, Lena Dunham, Zoella and Matt Haig join lots of people I’ve never heard of but are interesting to listen to, to chat to Emma about the role the net plays in their lives. There’s some good stuff here for freelancers, with social media and business subjects coming up lots, and I particularly enjoyed an episode with illustrator Alice Tams, which resonated with me a lot.

Hashtag Authentic

This is another British podcast presented by Sara Tasker, a self-proclaimed Instagram expert. And she says that in a non-braggy way, honest. This show is again aimed at creatives and freelancers, specifically those who use social media in the their business, or want to learn how to. She often has guests to share their wisdom, and I enjoy the conversational yet informative style. An episode particularly relevant to me was the show with Helen Stephens who talked openly about her long career in children’s books. She sounds lovely!

One Girl Band

I enjoy listening to new podcasts, and hearing them grow and the the presenter gain confidence with time. One Girl Band is a relatively new podcast by Brighton Entrepreneur Lola Hoad, who uses the platform to share her experience of being a small business owner. There’s some good honest advice here that anyone who freelances or works from home can identify with and benefit from. This podcast isn’t as jazzy as some, but I’ve been enjoying it’s authenticity, and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the future.

Get It Off Your Breasts

I’ve only listened to a few of these, but I’ve been enjoying listening to honest women discuss real subjects important to the world. Female issues inevitably pop up, but this isn’t specifically for women, it just happens to be run by them. Which is pretty nice.

What She Said

This isn’t my favourite in terms of production value (because I’m pretty fussy about sound quality) but in this podcast Lucy Lucraft covers some very helpful topics for freelancers and creatives, and talk to some interesting guests. Conversational and very easy to listen to, definitely worth a bash.

Just for fun

The above podcasts are informative and inspiring, but sometimes I like to forget about the freelance world and just listen to something entertaining! Here’s a few of my favourites:

Stuff You Should KnowRussell Brand’s Under the SkinOh No Ross and CarrieThis American LifeThe Adam Buxton PodcastRadiolabJudge John Hodgman, and Can I Pet Your Dog?

Do let me know in a comment, or on Instagram or Twitter if you enjoy any of these or have suggestions of your own. Happy Listening!

Social Media Makeover

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For years I’ve preferred to use a little painting for my social media profile pictures than a photo. Mostly because I’m not a huge fan of being photographed, but also because it makes sense as you can see my illustration style at a glance. I’d been using my old portrait for a couple of years since I became serious about persuing an illustration career but I’ve been feeling lately that it needed an update. My style has changed lots over that time, and I wanted something that more accurately represents me now. Plus it was a chance to draw Gertie, who’s sitting next to me as I type. She’s such an attention seeker, so she’s very glad to be involved! Here’s the icon that will appear on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as my website.

new portrait